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What makes someone a great thinker? What does it mean to think well?
Why do people ask big questions? Do big questions change over time?
How can big questions change history? What makes a thinker brave?
How do we build an argument? How can we help others to understand our point of view?
If you were to make a list of rules for thinking well, what would it include?
A beginner’s guide to taking on big questions at home, with your kids!
Spark new conversations with a classic homemade toy!
Build your own 3D Sophia the Wise!
What jobs should we give to robots? What jobs do we want them to do?
Dress up your own little thinker with festive and fun costumes!
Add your own creative touches to your favorite characters!
How do we know if our ideas are useful or not-so-useful? How do we think about our thinking?
What does it mean to live a good life?
How do you weigh and measure many different answers to the same big question?
How do smaller questions grow into big questions?
What kind of jobs and career paths use big questions?